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Tired of looking at the wrinkles on your face? Why not get it fixed? Body Bliss Las Vegas can help you with it. Body Bliss Las Vegas is certified in body contouring that offers various body enhancement treatments that change how you feel about yourself.

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Disclaimer: Clients must drink a lot of water before the session and at least 3 days after. No food 2hrs before and 2hrs after session. Maintain personal hygiene. Strong odor can distract others & it’s not good for health.

$50 off for dual or combo sessions

$50 off for dual or combo sessions

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Body Bliss Las Vegas treats areas such as the face, chin, neck, arms, breast, upper and lower abdomen, upper and lower back, love handles, buttocks, upper, lower, and inner thighs.

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Book your on-call consultation with Body Bliss Las Vegas at $50. I will help guide you through the beauty enhancement process and alleviate any concerns.